Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finally A Weekend OFF!

OMG!  I can't believe I have not posted since August!  Where has the time gone??????  This is my first weekend (actually day) that I can sit and do nothing. No running kids around, no Master's homework. Just time to sit and catch up on all the amazing blogs that I follow!  This year I have an all girls class of 2nd graders and I just LOVE IT!!!!!!!!  I love my girls!  This is my first year doing it and I have had so much.  Now that all testing is done and October is here we can get our hands into some crafty Halloween projects. On the flip side one of the hardest things this year has been having a Level 3 Intern.  Do not get me wrong...she is great and is going to make a great teacher but it is so hard letting her have the control of the class.  I have to bite my lip from not interjecting. Nevertheless I am having a great year and will posting soon some of the spooky things my girls created for the month.
Tootles for now!