Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday Book Study: Chapter 1

For the next 8 weeks a chapter will be discussed in this book!  I went to some Math Trainings this summer and problem solving was the main focus and this book explains everything that was presented in the trainings..
So in chapter 1 it discusses what is problem solving.  Is it just a word problem?  For students to get the most understanding of solving problems it needs to have some connection to them....if not why would they want to do them???  REAL WORLD PEOPLE!!!   In our everyday lives we solve problems and so we need to provide the same opportunity for our students.  As the old saying goes....the more we practice the better we will get at it! Students should be trying to solve and understand word problems everyday!!
The books goes into depth on where to find good problems and even has a checklist for the components and where to fit it into your day.
A question was asked in the chapter for teachers to reflect on:

How has your perspective of problem solving changed after reading this chapter?

For me I would have to say that students have a hard time reading & understanding word problems.  This chapter made me aware that not all word problems provide a deeper understanding of math.  It is something that now I will be on the look out for especially with the handy dandy checklist from page 20. I think that students will get more out of doing problems if it means something to them.  Making connections helps to keep them engaged.

What do you think about solving word problems?


  1. Hey Adriana! I totally agree that the checklist will really help us choose better tasks. Thanks for your post! "See" you next Monday!

  2. I am excited about studying this book with you! I have enjoyed it so much so far! Can't wait until next week. I am also your newest follower. I would love to have you drop by--you could even enter by giveaway--you could win a laminator!